The Caton Relay Server can be easily deployed to manage complex video. Its built-in web interface provides remote control capability over a standard IP network. The Caton Relay Server can handle complicated video routing using the Caton Engine's R2TP and other supported protocols. Full, real-time, stream-level monitoring provides constant information about bandwidth, jitter, up-time and connection status for network operators. 

Caton Relay Server Software

Format Independent


The Caton Relay Server is frame-rate and format independent, allowing you to manage video contribution and distribution with mixed video streams of SD, HD, 4K and beyond.

Protocol Translation Hub

The Caton Relay Server fully supports industry standard protocols such as UDP, HTTP and RTMP, as well as having the industry leading Caton Engine for reliable cross-border and cross-continent contribution and distribution. Simultaneously, the Caton Relay Server is able to transcode across protocols to make your video workflow easy.

Dedicated Stream Key


The Caton Relay Server supports high security connections for video contribution.  Stream Keys can be set for video output to designate stream receiver only.

Stream Recording


The Caton Relay Server supports individual stream recording of the original streamed data without re-touching.  Also there is rollover capability for recorded file management.  

Sophisticated Deployment.

Simple Management.


The Caton Relay Server can be easily deployed to manage complex video contribution, yet maintain an simple management interface.  Its built-in web control helps you to remote control your video network.  


Manage and Monitor


The Caton Relay Server can handle complicated video routing using Caton Engine R2TP and other protocol while fully monitoring active streams.  Keep track of key parameters including bandwidth, jitter, up-time and connection status. Caton Relay Server gives a peace of mind to your video contribution solutions.

Caton Network Management System

The Caton Network Management System (NMS) is a server-side application for monitoring network video  transmissions, software, and hardware on the Caton Network and Caton Relay Servers. The Caton NMS records data and consolidates reporting to a system administrator. 

Network Management


Combining the Caton Relay Server and the Caton NMS, Caton provides a high-quality network management solution that is both cost effective and increases productivity for engineers who now have a more comprehensive understanding of network conditions and service level assurance. The Caton NMS can identify an issue as soon as it occurs and alerts the administrator before possible interruption of transmission. 

Network Monitoring


The Caton Relay Server registered to the Caton Network Management System will automatically push key information from the Relay Server to the administrator, including individual transmission status, network connection heartbeat, and hardware status of the server.  With all this real-time alert information, the Caton Network Management System collects firsthand information on the critical activities of the video transmission. 



The Caton Network Management System actively sends alerts when specific things go wrong, including change of streaming bitrate, packet loss, or as RTT increases.  These alerts may not affect the transmission but the system records a comprehensive set of information for reporting purposes and displays them via the user interface. The graphical interface looks at the transmission condition down to the specific second.  The information gathered provides peace of mind for support personnel tasked with  organizing and reporting on the health of the video network.


The Caton Network Management System can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, providing 24/7 support for unlimited concurrent connections on the Caton Relay Server and unlimited number of transmissions for monitoring.  There are different levels of access control for management purposes, including remote user login upon alert receipt.  The Caton NMS supports multiple web browsers on desktop and mobile.

Caton Relay Server

Point to Multi-point

Multi-point to Multi-point

Flexible configurations


The Caton Relay Server is flexible enough to integrate and support a wide range of video networks. Whether it is point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or even multipoint-to-multipoint, the Caton Relay Server makes designing a cost-effective, high quality video transmission workflow easy and affordable. 

Multiple I/O

The Caton Relay Server supports multiple network interfaces that can be individually configured for specific use, such as dual ISP input or output, for higher bandwidth or connection redundancy. VLAN is also supported for complex video network setup.​​​​​​​


Real Life End-to-End Video Contribution and Distribution Network

Technical Specification

Caton Relay Server Software

System Requirement

a/ Entry level - can serve 10 streams in & out (10Mb per stream)

Intel-i3 Quad-core 3.0Ghz or above, 8GB Ram, storage min. 80G (for RRS system & logs), Gigabit ethernet


b/ Med. Level - can serve total 200Mb input & output streams

Intel Xeon-E3 Quad-core 2.0Ghz or above, 16GB Ram, storage min. 80G (for RRS system & logs), Gigabit ethernet


c/ Cloud - vCPU Quad-core, 8GB Ram, Storage: 40GB, OS: CentOS 7.x (AWS EC2 Service: m4.xlarge)




Caton Engine R2TP

Caton Engine Protocol For Live Media Delivery. Compatible with all Caton Engine enable devices, including the Caton IVP-3000, NVP-903, and LCP-300.

  • Support for R2TP PUSH from Caton encoders,
  • Support for R2TP PULL for an RRS to pull a stream for another RRS.


Universal transport protocol. Compatible with third party encoders.



Dependent on licensing and configuration

Up to 100Mbps / channel



Caton Engine R2TP

Relay to cascaded Caton Relay Server or Caton Decoders (NVP/IVP SMIP) or Caton software


Relay to cascaded Caton Relay Server or Live Media Server or Caton/third party decoder.


Relay to Monitor or Live Media Server.


Relay to Live Media Server or CDN.



Dependent on licensing and configuration

Up to 100Mbps / channel

Control and Management

Web-based user interface.

Real-time monitoring and statistics for UDP/R2TP input and R2TP/HTTP output, Graphical interface.

Real-time recording and support FTP Download

VLAN support for UDP input and UDP output.

Caton Network Management System

System Requirement

Intel i5-2.0Ghz Quad-core or above, 8GB Memory, 1x Gigabit Ethernet


Cloud - vCPU Quad-core, 8GB Ram, Storage: 40GB, OS: CentOS 7.x (AWS EC2 Service: m4.xlarge)

Performance Management

Service Level Agreement

Real-time Stream Status monitoring

Real-time visibility and analytics with connected devices

Bandwidth monitoring and troubleshooting

Hardware status of Caton Relay Server

Log history for measurement and reporting

Performance in data and graphics

Configure Management

Unlimited Caton Relay Server connection

Unlimited transmission stream for monitoring

Cloud Deployment

Remote access

Accounting Management

Web-based user interface

3-Levels of administration account rights

Logs for login

Fault Management

Analysis and tuning

Different levels of proactive alert


Security Management

Authentication between Caton Relay Servers and streams

Authorization by licenses

https connection for monitoring and management

Caton Relay Server

Pre-install Caton Relay Server Software, certified for Caton Network Management System


1RU 504mm Depth


Xeon 3.2G Quad-Core


8GB, CIP up to 64GB


2x 2TB, 2x 3.5" bay for expansion


4 Gigabit Ethernet port

Power Supply

Dual hot swappable


Hot Swappable


Front panel key lock

USB Ports

1x front panel, 4x rear panel

Operating System

CentOS 7.4