Private CDN Services

In today’s market, corporations, educational institutions, houses of worship and companies of all sizes need reliable ways to move large data and real-time video feeds around their global network. Caton’s Private CDN services, utilizing the Caton Engine, provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint distribution of your critical file and realtime video data. Whether you are streaming real-time video or moving large data files, building your own distribution solution is now affordable and easy.


Easily scale from a single stream to a virtually unlimited number of streams quickly, reliably and securely. Distribute direct point-to-point or point-to-multipoint from any network location required. With the Caton Engine, you can have global coverage with a minimal number of distribution points while maintaining a secure private network.

Secure, Reliable Transmissions

Fully encrypted point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmissions using AES and BIS encryption technologies give you the security you demand for your real-time and file-based needs.

Easy Deployment

No expensive hardware to purchase or configure. Caton provides all required hardware and full set-up services as part of your project deployment.

Flexible Distribution

Multi-protocol support for RTMP/HTTP/UDP contribution and distribution. Easily receive and send different streams to and from multiple services while utilizing Caton’s industry leading Caton Engine for secure, internal transfers. 

Powerful Network Options

Through Caton’s extensive relationships with our global telecommunications partners, clients have powerful network options for their Private CDN. Speak to a Caton sales representative to discuss how you can take advantage of best-in-class networks at truly affordable prices.

Solution Details

Caton Relay Server


NVP 903 / 990