Cydex Enterprise 3.0

Simple, Secure, Fast

File Transfers with No Limitations.



Cydex is an enterprise-class file transfer management platform based on the Caton Engine. With transmission speeds of up to 400 times faster than traditional solutions, Cydex breaks through the traditional bottlenecks in sending large files anywhere they need to go.


Featuring advanced user management, security and workflow automation, Cydex provides a secure and fast way for your organization to share files, all with the ease of sending an email. 


Cydex transfers files without limitation on size and type, from a simple text file to massive 4K video files. Cydex optimizes CPU and bandwidth performance to provide the fastest and most secure file transfers possible.

Fast File Transfers - The Caton Engine


Cydex is a suite of server and client applications that accelerate file transfer speeds hundreds of times faster than FTP. Utilizing Caton’s proprietary Caton Engine for file transfer technology, Cydex overcomes the limitations created by high network latency and packet loss.


Based on powerful, optimized protocols that work transparently over existing networks, the Caton Engine gives users a simple, easy-to-use interface for moving data files and streams around the Internet. These protocols use adaptive algorithms and real-time monitoring of network conditions to ensure the best possible Bandwidth Utilization Ratio (BUR) regardless of line latency or quality.


Based on the foundations of Caton’s R2TP Engine, F2TP brings the power and scalability of the Caton Engine to managed file transfers. F2TP provides highly accelerated, enterprise-class file transfer with end-to-end security. 


Traditional file transfer technologies such as FTP were never designed for long distance transfers such as the cross-border and cross-continent demands of today’s Internet. Caton’s F2TP provides best-in-class optimization of data links for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint regardless of file size or bandwidth. Internal optimization algorithms provide for maximum throughput on any network connection, even through highly managed firewall infrastructures.


Unlimited File Size Transfer


Cydex supports large file transfers with no file size limitation.  You can transfer a terabyte file via Cydex just like sending an email.  With Cydex, there is not only an increase in file transfer speed, but also assurance in transfer  success through integrity checking of the transferred file. 

Auto Resume. Auto Recovery.


Cydex supports auto resume for the upload and downloading of files, allowing you to continue  a transfer when you need to change your location.  Cydex will automatically check the file and recover missing packets to ensure file transfer success. 

Simultaneously Upload and Download


Cydex supports the simultaneous uploading and downloading of files while other file transfers are taking place. This feature saves time as it allows multiple file transfers concurrently freeing the client up from waiting for one transfer to complete before executing another transfer.

Optimized for Sequential Frames in Post Production


In Post Production, clients are faced with not only large files sizes but also large numbers of files to transfer including 3-D model files, composited, and rendered files. Cydex is optimized to manage both file size and file quantity to support the demands of today's post environments.

Designated Transfer Devices


Cydex can assign specified devices to connect and transfer through its management dashboard.  Designated computers can be registered to the Cydex Server for a specific connection, as an extra layer of security for your high value data assets.

Multi-layer Security and Monitoring


Encrypted Control Commands

All control and management are encrypted, connect using HTTPS


Encrypted Data Streams

All transfer are secured by AES-256 encryption


Closed Account System

File transfer can only allowed within the closed system


Data Slicing Storage

Every slice is individually encrypted, support storage management

Progress Notifications


Cydex can setup email notifications for both the sender and receiver providing status updates including package creation, download activity, and finished transfer status. Both sender and receiver have access to tracking status throughout the file transfer process.

Cydex Mobile


The Cydex Client also integrates with iOS and Android devices, providing not only file transfer capability from a mobile phone or tablet, but also monitoring of the transfer status and completion.

Web Browser and URL Link Support


Cydex file transfers can be run on any web browser and a URL link of a transfer can be sent via email.  This allows the client to send files to others without giving out account information while providing the same UI and security level experience. 

As Simple as Email


The Cydex Client was designed to provide the ease of an email with increased transfer speed and the ability to support both large and multi-file transfers.   

Bandwidth Management


For multiple projects and multi-user management, reporting tools capture usage and behaviour and can be integrated with payment solutions.

Usage Report


For multiple projects and user management, reporting is the key to control the usage and priority.  The report can be export for managing users’ behaviours and integrate with payment systems.



The dashboard has been designed for administrators to manage multi-user, multi-workgroup usage as well as review both bandwidth and performance criteria. 

Active Alert


The Cydex servers active alert notifies and administrator of potential issues including low storage and/or permissions-based limits.

Technical Specifications

Server & 

Usage dashboard

Overview on users, workspace and file on weekly/monthly basis.  Storage and throughput report, usage of node and current activities. 

File transfer management

Delete or modify files and receivers for all accounts

File transfer monitoring

Monitor file transfer status and speed for all accounts

Transfer nodes management

Manage transfer nodes by group

Dynamic increase transfer nodes

Dynamically increase transfer nodes and storage

Support matrix deployment

Matrix cloud deployment

Segment transfer settings

Upload and download at the same time

Segment storage

Segmented storage on multiple locations for higher security

Bandwidth usage

Speed optimization based on available bandwidth

Scheduled files removal

Server scheduling to manage rules-based  file deletion

Email Server

Direct email server support


Full logging for all accounts and server activity

White list management

Register designated receiver for special security login for sensitive transfer

Workspace management

Create, edit, delete workspace and managing the members and packages within workspace

Account management

Create and remove accounts, change passwords, arrange accounts by groups.

Package reports

View and create report for all package transfer, export can based on time, workspace or accounts. 



Dual core processors, each core 2GHz

2GB Ram

CentOS 7.3 64-bit 

7200rpm HDD with 40GB available space

Fix IP open internet address














(Windows / Mac)

Send by file or folder

Send file or folder to designated receiver

Download by file or folder

Support auto or manual download

Open download file

Preset download location and open downloaded files from application

Workspace management

Setup multiple workspaces, workspace working individually

Hide workspace members

Specific members in workspace can be hidden from others

Transfer list

Details for upload/download and completed transfers, start and pause any transfer

Sending invite and URL for download

User can send request for sending packages, download can be sent as URL link

Usage report

View report on specific period of usage

Send multi notification via email

Email notifications for transfer, usage and other alert

Customize download directory

User can assign custom directory for download and sub directories for different senders

Transferring protocol

Option to roll back to TCP when network permission not allowed

Multiple upload and download packages

User can send and receive multiple packages at the same time

Automatic sending (Portal)

Files or folder can auto send out after Portal is setup

Automatic sending (Portal) monitoring

Support monitoring of the files and folders being transferred through Portals

Automatic download

Support auto download files or folders

Scheduled transfer

Support setup for scheduled file transfer at specific date and time

Transfer monitoring

Support monitoring of download status from other end

Simultaneous upload and download

Support download while still uploading at the same time

Continue at break point

Auto or manual continue of download or upload when interrupted

Encryption while transfer

The entired transfer is integrated with AES-256 encryption

Optimized for small files

Optimized for small file less than 500KB

Transfer limitation

There is no limitation on file size or file numbers

Modify receiver after transfer

Receiver can be changed even after transfer, or adding files or removing items

Bandwidth assign

Bandwidth and transfer speed can be assigned to specific account

Multi-language UI

Client UI can be defined in setting, English and Simplified Chinese are supported

Multiple accounts management

Saved multiple login information for multiple servers and support automatically login

Help menu

Version, log, machine information for white list operation

Changing personal information 

User can change name and other information, and upload profile pictures

Changing password

Client can change password after login



Dual core processors, each core 2GHz

2GB Ram

Windows 7 or higher, Mac OSX 10.8 or higher (10.10 or higher is recommended)

open internet address









(iOS / Android)

Monitoring transfer status

Monitor transfer status on other devices with the same account

Usage report

View report on specific period of usage

Sharing on WeChat

Sharing the transfer file to WeChat at the same time

Send multi notification via email

Email notifications for transfer, usage and other alert

Send by file or folder

Sending photo or video files from mobile device

Receive file and folder

Receiving any kind of file, depends on storage on device

Transfer using Wifi

User can setup transfer only using Wifi

Transfer monitoring

Support monitoring on transfer status

Simultaneous upload and download

Support download while still uploading at the same time

Continue at break point

Auto or manual continue of download or upload when interrupted

Encryption while transfer

The entired transfer is integrated with AES-256 encryption

Modify receiver after transfer

Recevier can be change even after transfer, or adding files or removing items

Upload to server without designated receiver

Receivers can be re-assigned on server

Bandwidth assign

Bandwidth and transfer speed can be assign to account

Taking photo or video

Support access to built-in camera on device

Using Cydex with other APP

Integrated with iOS and Andriod, other APP can use Cydex for file transfer

Auto update

Support Auto of manual client update

Changing password

Client can change password after login



Android 4.4 (5.0) or higher , iOS 8.0 or higher

Frequently asked questions

If I upgrade my internet connection to a higher bandwidth, does Cydex charge more for using more higher bandwidth?

No, if you own your Cydex Server, there is no extra charge if you increase your internet bandwidth, it will just fully utilities it.

Do I need a dedicated internet line for Cydex?

No, just normal open internet connection will do.  If you want a standalone line for Cydex, it is also possible.

Cydex client always automatically download packages when I launch the application, can I change that to manual download?

Yes, this options is available in preferences, you can turn off auto download.  Auto download as default will just make the workflow faster even if you are away from you computer.

I am increasing the storage capacity for Cydex Server, does Cydex charge more for using more storage?

No, we don't charge extra storage if you own your Cydex Server and storage.

Can I setup a folder that Cydex can auto send files to specific persons?

Yes, a new features in Cydex 2.x, you can setup "Portal", and it will appears as a watch folder with designated receiver(s).  When new files are added into the folder, Cydex will automatically send the files.