Caton's Video Transmission Solutions Power World-

Class Sport Event for Guangzhou Broadcasting Network

Guangzhou, China - September 03, 2016 - Caton Technology Corp today announced Guangzhou Broadcasting Network — one of the largest Chinese TV station made its first extensive breaking news coverage during the quadrennial world-class sports event. It also helped the Guangzhou government to promote these excitements from Brazil to China immediately when there are athletes from Guangdong who won the glory. During the event, Guangzhou Broadcasting Network provided 24-hours broadcast news channel with using Caton’s LCP-300 video transmitting system and Cydex file transfer software for high-speed transmissions, which enable quick update on each sports tournament and mainly focus on the sports performances from the Chinese athletes.

The production crew of Guangzhou Broadcasting Network shared " It was our first time using Caton’s LCP-300 4G transmitting systems as real-time video transmission, and using Cydex for file transfer to Guangzhou station over the open internet, the performance was running smooth and stable, it also provided us stable transmission support under the long-distance global network. With using Caton’s technology, it just made us nothing to worry about. “

The crew used two major Caton’s technology solutions. At first, they used the video signal from the Sony camera to Caton’s LCP-300 4G encoder and transmitter, then transmitted the encoded video signal to the server in Guangzhou TV station via the 4G network, input to decoder and output to SDI broadcast systems. Next, they captured the video signal and edit in a non-linear editing system. Then sent the finished files using Cydex which is AES-256 encrypted, the file quickly and safely transferred to Guangzhou TV station via open internet. " The greatest advantage of these solutions is not just given us the most secure transmission system, but also saved us a lot of costs and manpower from production to post. ” They continued.

The crew concluded “ We chose to use Caton’s technology because it’s supportive and powerful, and surpassed our need. Since this worldwide sports event was very important to all media professionals, we’re responsible to provide the best broadcast service to our end-users and let them be the first ones to watch the latest sports results, we required the highest quality and most capable network transmission system. When we used Caton’s R2TP technology via the 4G network, the performance was efficient and stable as using satellite transmission, which saved us a lot of expensive equipment and human resources costs. We also used Cydex’s F2TP technology to transfer large files of the main sports programs, which is more efficient than the traditional FTP and it could bring to our daily news program on time under protection. Caton’s software and hardware provided us a full range of end to end transmission solutions, which gave us the most reliable and flexible performance and over 10 times efficient than other software in the same network. “

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