Caton's LCP transmission equipment and Cydex software power

the Gansu provincial station to achieve China's First Global Flight

On the afternoon of August 7, 2016, the long-awaited "China's First Global Flight" has departed from Beijing. On the same day, a press conference was held in Beijing to formally sign a project cooperation agreement, and introduce the theme "Fly with Dreams" to reporters from Hong Kong, Gansu province and Lanzhou city’s main media and online media. Gansu Radio, Film and Television Station as a cooperate media broadcaster, used Caton’s 4G transmission equipment system (LCP-RRS-IVP) to real-time transfer video programs, along with Cydex file transfer software to quickly transfer edited video files back to Gansu Province Station through the open Internet and distribute the files to Xinjiang Station and Bingtuan Satelite TV Station, etc.

Gansu Radio, Film and Television (TVB) has been in existence for 12 years and now has a population of about 751 million and has 6 radio stations and 7 TV channels. It has issued " The Chinese civilization " and managed Silk Road Pearl Website and "beef noodle" APP. It combined the original Gansu People's Broadcasting Station and Gansu TV to an integrated radio and television media. They were confident and satisfied with this first time cooperation.

" According to them, “Caton’s 4G encoding and transmitting devices are capable of transmitting video in a transnational and transcontinental environments in such a stable manner. It is comparable to satellite transmissions in some aspects. Cydex file transfer software can be used in transnational and transcontinental environment to quickly transfer video files with AES-256 encrypted transmission technology. In the same network conditions, it is more than ten times faster than other file transmission software. In the entire work process, its equipment and solutions are saving us a lot in human resources and financial costs! "

Gansu TV station team also felt that it was very easy to use Caton’s technology to cooperate with the hardware devices of CDV, TVU and Sony cameras. The workflow was divided into two types: The First one, the camera signal encoded through Caton’s 4G encoding transmission equipment, and then transmission back to the server deployed in Gansu Province with the 4G signal. The server received the signal is divided into two ways, one into the RTMP protocol for Gansu Station WeChat public, and the other into the decoder to export SDI to make the documentary; The second one, transfer back the edited video files with Caton’s Cydex file transfer software through open internet. The entire workflow is as simple as that, saving us a lot of time and improving the flexibility and also get us a variety of solutions.

The team concluded: "We are very pleased with the overall technical performance of Caton’s technology. LCP equipment and Cydex file transfer software give us unparalleled support and incredible stability in such a large production environment."

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