Caton's Cydex File Transfer

Delivers Rapid Transmission Solution for Gansu News

Beijing, China (August 24-26, 2016), the twenty-fifth Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Exhibition (BIRTV 2016) was held at the China International Exhibition Center. Reporters from the country's different provinces, major media, and online media have joined the show for the interview and live broadcast the event. Gansu Province radio, film, and television station,one of the most senior television stations in Gansu Province, has the broadest coverage in China. As a major exhibition news broadcaster, they captured the scenes with a mobile broadcast car equipped with multiple video recorders, and use Cydex file transfer software, the edited file can be quickly transmitted back to Gansu Province station through the public Internet. Also, the edited file can be downloaded at the meanwhile through a pre-installed server in Gansu Province Station. So that the edited exhibition scene can be appeared on the same day (August 26) 6:30 evening news program on time. The Gansu news video clip can be seen at Caton’s BIRTV booth: Fragment time 00:16:09 ~ 00:17:03 http://www.gstv.com.cn/folder126/folder142/ folder189/2016-08-26/259171.html

"In recent interviews with BIRTV, we have used Cydex file transfer software several times and found it to be the best fit for our specific needs. It exceeded our expectations by providing a more efficient and faster solution. The performance is more reliable than other similar transmission software " the Gansu Province media team explains.

" With the most secure transmission, our goal is to be more cost efficient for the entire workflow" they added, "We captured the video from the front end, with Caton’s Cydex file transfer software through its AES-256 encrypted transmission, the file could be quickly transferred back to the broadcast station through public internet. The F2TP protocol of Cydex solves the problem of transmission of large files, and the speed is way faster than the traditional FTP speed. We have never thought that we can get such stable and comparable to satellite transmission technology in the 4G network environment. Caton's proprietary F2TP transmission technology saves us a huge cost and human resources. "

Throughout the workflow, the team concluded: " Caton does not only offer the highest quality and cost-effective solution, their equipment and software are also very easy to use and stable, most importantly, they save us a lot in cost. A flawless solution needs reliable and practical technology to provide far more than ten times the speed of other software in the same network conditions. It makes the entire workflow simple, and the transmission problem is no need to be concerned.

Gansu Radio, Film and Television Station: It now has a population coverage of 751 million since its inception in 2004. It has 6 radio channels which include comprehensive news, urban FM, transportation, economic, rural, and youth. It also has 7 television channels which include satellite television, economic, public, Cultural film, urban, children and domestic digital 7 TV channels. It is combined the original Gansu People's Broadcasting Station and Gansu TV Station to an integrated radio and television media. Details: http://gsmg.gstv.com.cn

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