Next Generation Mobile Transmission and ENG

Full Resolution Supported

Professional Video Codec

CatonPublisher is format independent, it supports 720p, 1080p and 2160p in full resolution transmission to CatonNet.  It supports different frame rates up to 1080p60 and 2160p30

CatonPublisher supports different industry standard video codec, including high quality HEVC for 4K.


Pause and Mute

CatonPublisher offers a countdown feature before transmission.   The options are: 0s, 5s, and 10s before going ‘On-Air’.

CatonPublisher allows the user to ‘Pause’ transmission while keeping the link alive.  A default colour matte (Black, White, or Grey) can be displayed during the pause period, or alternatively, a user selected photo or graphic.  In addition, the audio can be muted for multi-camera shoot applications.

User Presets

CatonPublisher allows users to save custom settings in ‘Presets’ for ease-of-use.

High Security to Ensure Privacy

CatonPublisher uses our ‘Reliable Real Time Protocol’, or R2TP, for low-latency and secure transmissions.  The transmission streams can be secured with either AES-128 or AES-256 bit encryption.   A user-defined ‘stream key’ provides additional security authentication.


CatonPublisher provides unsurpassed reliability and content security for streaming over the Internet.  This gives the users ‘peace of mind’ and applicable to industries such as: broadcasting, government, medical, house of worship, enterprise, and education.


CatonPublisher ENG and Broadcast Workflow

CatonPublisher IP Workflow

Support Format

Support Codec

Recommended Devices

720p 24/25/30/50/60


iPhone 8 / iPad 5th Gen or above

1080p 24/25/30


iPhone 8 / iPad 5th Gen or above

1080p 50/60


iPhone Xs / iPad 6th Gen or above

2160p 24/25/30/50


iPhone 11 / iPad Pro or above

When transmission is using LTE/5G, it will consume mobile data usage according to your data plan.