Managed Streaming for CatonNet

Wide Video Format Supported

Professional Video Codec

CatonPlayer is format independent, it supports SD, HD and 4K in full screen viewing from CatonNet.  Depends on the AppleTV version you have, you can connect to UHD TV for 4K high quality viewing.

CatonPlayer support different industry standard video codec and even high quality HEVC for 4K.

Audio Selection

Subtitle Selection

CatonPlayer supports PID Flitering that you can choose from the audio list for output.  Ideal for event with realtime translation as other languages, or different audio tracks for different output.

Just like audio selection, PID filtering also support for subtitle selection if it is in the streams. 

Design for iOS and tvOS

High Security for Private Viewing

Caton's R2TP Player (CatonPlayer) is available on App Store on both platform, recommending devices:

iPhone X or later for iOS and AppleTV 5th Gen for tvOS.


Notes: it will consumes mobile data, using Wifi is highly recommended.

CatonPlayer is using CatonEngine R2TP Encapsulation for transmission and able to stream using AES 128 or 256 encryption, also a user defined Stream Key can be assigned to receive the specific contents.  This makes ideal high quality and reliable viewing with control and management.  Ideal for enterprises, house of worship, education etc.